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Stick It Action app for iPhone and iPad

4.5 ( 1765 ratings )
Productivity Entertainment
Developer: Stick It Productions LLC
0.99 USD
Current version: 1.15.1, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 04 Jun 2009
App size: 23.76 Mb

*** Now Showing v1.15 ! ***
And….Action! Stick It Action! With Stick It Action, you create your own stick figure animations on your iPhone or iPod Touch. You control the action by adjusting the stick figures movable parts and taking frame-by-frame snapshots to create a fun, crazy, or funny animated sequence. Make them fight! Make them dance! It’s your animation and you’re the director.

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- Hi-res graphics for retina support.
- Choose a background from Photo Library or Camera
- Several background images to choose from to start your scene. A blank screen, battlefield, castle, street scene, warehouse, western scene and more.
- Objects. Add objects to your scene for the stick figures to interact with. There are trees, cars, mailboxes, blood splatter, muzzle flash, boxes, explosions, fire, and a pool of blood to add to your animations.
- Weapons baby! Choose from a selection of rifles, hand grenades, laser guns, rocket launcher, swords, and knives. And here’s the cool part: The firing sequences are totally automated. You do not have to move a bullet frame by frame to reach its target.
- Stick figures. Add one or more to your background scene. Use your finger to move them to their starting positions. Double tap a stick figure to zoom in and access their bending points. You can also change the color of the stick figures.
- Speech Bubbles. Use speech bubbles to have your stick figures "talk".
- Locking tool. When you have a lot of items in your scene its sometimes hard to grab what you want. The locking tool allows you lock items so you can grab only the item you want to move.
- Resizing tool. Dont like the size of your weapon or object? No worries! You can make it any size you want.
- Sound effects. Choose from more than 40 sound effects for your animation.
- Onion Skinning. See the previous position of your stick or object after snapshot.
- Rotate weapons and objects. Select an item and move your finger up or down on an arrow to rotate your weapon or object.
- Zoom and Pan. You can move multiple sticks and objects while zoomed in. To pan, press two fingers on the screen at the same time and move left, right, up or down.
- Non-linear firing sequence. You can trace a line from your weapon to the target that is either straight, curved, looped, anything! Very fun!
- Collapsable toolbar.
- Auto-save. Receive phone calls and return to your animation where you left off.
- Change backgrounds within your animation.
- Upload your animations to YouTube or Photo Library.


"Stick It Action is the best animation app I’ve seen thus far for the iPhone and iPod Touch." - Appmodo


**** What are the users sayings about Stick It Action? ****

"This is the most awesome app for .99!"

"Best 99 cents I spent!!!"

"I love this app and so do my friends."

"Omg best app ever!"



1. You can turn off and/or adjust the frequency of auto-save from the Settings button on the Menu screen.

2. Use the frame-by-frame buttons to go back to a specific frame to add muzzle flashes, sound effects, etc.

3. Use two fingers to pan while zoomed in.

4. When using the locking tool, items now remain locked until you unlock them (instead of releasing after taking snapshot).

5. Stick figure movement can be adjusted in Settings within the app.

Features in v1.16?

- You decide! Please leave comments or visit our website at and let us know what you think we can do to improve this application. We value your input and want the players to decide what features to add to make Stick It Action a killer app!

Pros and cons of Stick It Action app for iPhone and iPad

Stick It Action app good for

An exellent app. Could youse a few more props though. But still an excellent app.
I think its very good, but should have more UPDATES!!!! Please!
Amazing fun game. One suggestion is being able to layer stuff because I am trying make a blood puddle under his head but it goes over his face and dont know how to move it back. I looked online at tutorials but the same thing happened in their tutorial, so please add layering.
Its a bit hard to aninate the stickman :/ because his hole body moves you should make it where we could move each bodypart seperatly.
simply the best animation app I ever seen(even if is the only animation app i seen).
When you zoom you hav to press the two fingers to move your view not like the version 1.6 when you just have to press 1 finger on a limb or object to automaticly move the view and we should be able to load recorded voice and be able to load object and be able to get a zoomed shot for a closer look for a close combat or a discution so its not alway all the background who is recorded

Some bad moments

It will not let ne get outta the thing were you move the charecteur
How the heck do u make them tAlk and swap through scenes? I want my money back!
This game isnt very good plus I have no idea how play animations. I wish I could have rated this0 stars.
I had this before and I loved it but now I got a new iPod and every wallpaper is a thing that says game over and I cant put anything in
I bet this game would be fun if it actually worked!!! Whenever I try to create an animation, the whole thing freezes entirely!!!!!!! FIX IT!
First of all great app but the touching is a fail like when I want to touch the stickman it touches something else and please have a iPad one please!!!!!

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