Stick It Action App Reviews

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An exellent app. Could youse a few more props though. But still an excellent app.

Very good

Fun and cool!


I think its very good, but should have more UPDATES!!!! Please!


Amazing fun game. One suggestion is being able to layer stuff because I am trying make a blood puddle under his head but it goes over his face and dont know how to move it back. I looked online at tutorials but the same thing happened in their tutorial, so please add layering.

Great but...

Its a bit hard to aninate the stickman :/ because his hole body moves you should make it where we could move each bodypart seperatly.


It will not let ne get outta the thing were you move the charecteur

very good animation app

simply the best animation app I ever seen(even if is the only animation app i seen).

Great but...

When you zoom you hav to press the two fingers to move your view not like the version 1.6 when you just have to press 1 finger on a limb or object to automaticly move the view and we should be able to load recorded voice and be able to load object and be able to get a zoomed shot for a closer look for a close combat or a discution so its not alway all the background who is recorded


How the heck do u make them tAlk and swap through scenes? I want my money back!


A lot better since the last update! I love it!


Great app and the new rag doll feature helps I am a grade nine student and I was using this for a project about a short story called sniper and I found some problems I think it would help if you could color stuff you add and not just the people and adding in more weapons and objects ex: dirt kicked up from bullets, bullet holes (was stuck using throwing stars), etc. Other than that all around awesome app

Super bad

This game isnt very good plus I have no idea how play animations. I wish I could have rated this0 stars.

best animation app

good animatin app.. but its kindda hard 2 move them when whole body moves. fix this one in the next update for the last star ;)


Hey guys can you make it hd for ipads because it a awesome game and i have a ipad :D it would be awesome oh yeah and if you can put a zoom in and zoom out so the page would be biger

Freakin sweet I love this app

Awesome just plain awesome

I Love this app

This is a great app


Awesome app but... I ran out of ideas.

Good but could be better.

It would be awesome if you could slow it down a little bit more. It goes really fast.

Awesome app!!!

Best stickman app Ive ever had!!!


I had this before and I loved it but now I got a new iPod and every wallpaper is a thing that says game over and I cant put anything in

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